Several of these works are based upon the day to day encounters with random people in my life.  I am particularly inspired by the beauty of the subject in the moment or the emotional content of their face.

Massimo – Pastel – 16″ x 13″

This 8 year old Italian boy, who lived with his mother in an apartment below my aunt and uncle in Salerno, Italy, was mesmerized by his encounter with two Americans.  This enchanting piece, created in 1975, is the biggest award winner in my private collection.  First Place, September 1975. Juried Annual Exhibit of Sumter’s Artist Guild. Hugh P. Botts Award for Painting and Graphics, January 2014,  Salmagundi Black & White Exhibition.

Japanese Girl – Pastel – 24″ x 16″

The innocence of childhood, as depicted by this beautiful Japanese girl, is contrasted with the harsh rigid complexity of adult life, as portrayed by the tightly designed background. Each box taking four steps to draw! Mortimer H. Freehof Memorial Award, November 2009, Salmagundi 126th Annual Members’ Exhibition

Indifference – Acrylic – 14″ x 16″

Throughout my life I have been interested in dance. In 1976, while In Chicago, I took lessons at the Royal Ballet School for a year, just to learn first hand what it was all about.  I was invited one afternoon to lunch at the home of the school’s pianist, who tried to match me up with this girl. It didn’t work!

Blue Dancer – Pastel – 25″ x 19″

Inspired by a picture of a young American Ballet Theater dancer, this piece captures the sadness and beauty in the movement of this performer.

Jeffrey – Pastel – 18″ x 19″

Dane with Crucifix Earring – Pastel – 22″ x 14″

While watching the Gumball 3000 auto races on a very rainy day in Copenhagen, the movement of the crucifix struck my eye.  This gives dynamics to what would otherwise be an ordinary portrait.

John the Baptist Adaptation – Pastel – 28″ x 21″

Calcutta Beggar – Pastel – 28″ x 19″

Luke 6:19 explains this all “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God. Blessed are you who hunger now, for you will be satisfied. Blessed are you who weep now, for you will laugh…”

Brothers in the Hermitage – Pastel – 19″ x 22″

Looking so much like brothers, these two happy fellows were all too pleased to pose for this portrait study of them in the gift shop of the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.  It is truly a study of reflected light.

Reflections – Pastel – 27″ x 22″

This is not a piece about Narcissus. Rather it is an evocation for each one  of us to examine our inner selves,  our souls and grow spiritually. Each time we do so the ripples of our actions, as portrayed by those  in the water, affect all those around us. After all, we are all in this together. First place winner in drawing –  Annual Juried Student Exhibition of the Silvermine School of Arts in 1998.

Streaming Water – Pastel – 16″ x 22″

How joyful we are when we are young!  First place winner in drawing – Annual Juried Student Exhibition of the Silvermine School of Arts in  2000.

Grief at the Tombstone – Pastel – 19″ x 25″

The ravages of war, the cruelty we as human inflict up each other are alive in the grief this Serbian woman expresses at the loss of her loved one. . First place winner in drawing –  Annual Juried Student Exhibition of the Silvermine School of Arts in 2001

Moonfall – Pastel – 22″ x 30″

Everyone wants to be carefree, with no concerns, floating through life as if drifting in space as are these four boys (one is not seen in the drawing). Oh to relive the days of our youth when life was free of obligations!”  Honorable Mention January 2010 Salmagundi Annual Black & White Exhibition.

A Pensive Conversation Acrylic 24″ x 18″

On the steps of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, Spain, these two young fellows we engrossed in a very serious passionate conversation. What inspired me was the dichotomy between religious and secular in this exchange.

The Cell Phone – Acrylic – 16″ x 24″

A comment on our contemporary fixation with cell phones, these two students are engrossed with their cell phone as they sit  in front of the Church of St James, Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain.